2016 Annual General Meeting

The 2016 AGM of the Leechwell Garden Association will be held on Wednesday 7th June 2017 in the REconomy Centre at 13 Leechwell Street, starting at 6pm. This is a largely formal affair and should not last more than twenty minutes.The agenda is as follows:

  1. introduction
  2. 2016 Chairman's Report by Dave Mitchell
  3. 2016 Treasurer's Report by Jeannette Willington
  4. election of Chair - Dave Mitchell is standing
  5. election of Treasurer - Jeannette Willington is standing
  6. election of Secretary - Shirley Prendergast is standing
  7. election of up to seven committee members
  8. Close of Meeting

Nominations for election to the Committee may be made by members of the Association in writing and may also be accepted from the floor of the AGM. Should nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by show of hands.

The current elected committee members are: Jim Carfrae, Dave Mitchell, David Martin, Lu Overy, Susie Boyd, Marsha Cummings, Jeannette Willington, and Shirley Prendergast

The following are co-opted committee members: Catherine Munro, Frances Gilmore and Keith Rennells