Susie's Gate

The Leechwell Garden Association is delighted to announce plans for a new third gate in the garden in memory of Susie Boyd, who lived in Maudlin Road and tragically died last summer. Susie’s drive, determination and negotiating skills were crucial in persuading SHDC to abandon its plans for a multi-storey car park and let the community design the Totnes Southern Area (including the Leechwell Garden) back in 2003-2006.

The gate, which will be on the path leading up from St Katherine’s Way, has been designed by local blacksmith Spencer Field Larcombe to incorporate Susie’s particular love of lilies and of Art Nouveau. It also reflects Susie’s fascination with the way in which the number three crops up in the Leechwell - the three paths to and the three spouts of the well, the three-sided pool in the garden, the sculpture of the three guardians and the three lilies on the gate.

The new gate will cost £5000 to construct and install. The LGA is contributing £1000 and we have already been promised another £1500. This is a chance for everyone who knew Susie, and who knew of the crucial role she played in creating the Leechwell Garden, to contribute to the gate in her memory. It is also a chance for those who use and love the garden today to share in celebrating this unique and wonderful space - the first new public open space in Totnes for 100 years and which has made such a difference to all our lives. 

If you would like to contribute you can make a direct bank transfer:

Sort Code: 30 98 69
Account Name: Leechwell Garden Association
Account Number: 37284860

or send a cheque made payable to “Leechwell Garden Association” to the LGA Treasurer:

Jeannette Willington
Belvedere, Maudlin Road, Totnes TQ9 5TG

or put a cheque or cash in the donation box just inside the garden (the box is emptied every day)

Gate Design Susie Boyd in what was to become the Leechwell Garden in February 2005.