Boundaries and Sections

There are a variety of boundaries to the garden which will help to define the space and create a sense of privacy and peace.

The garden is bounded to the north by the old stone walls of Leechwell Lane. These are 1.5 - 2m high and are thought to date from the 15th to 18th century.

To the west and south are private gardens, which at present are bounded by old, semi-collapsed Devon banks, straggly, thin with overgrown hedgerow and remnants of chain link fence.

The proposal is to lay the existing hedgerow and construct a new Devon bank to widen and strengthen the existing hedgebank to 1.4m high. A 1.4m high railing will be erected along the top of the bank and native hedgerow species will be planted either side of the. This will create a secure barrier that in time will appear to be a traditional green hedgerow and bank, providing a visual screen to prevent views into and out of the new public garden.