Replacing the Play Structure

The current play structure has been enormously successful with children since the Leechwell Garden opened in October 2010. It is the only such facility in central Totnes (the small play area in Borough Park is much further away) and is heavily used by children from the nearby Grove Primary School.

However safety inspections by SHDC over the last 12 months have highlighted a number of issues – rot and decay have started to compromise the structure and safety is a concern particularly when it is wet. Because the original play structure has so perfectly fitted the ethos of the Leechwell Garden space, the LGA and SHDC wanted a replacement structure that would provide a similar challenging and exciting play experience whilst blending into the natural ‘organic’ landscape setting of the garden. In particular, we felt the replacement structure should contain the following features:

Three contractors submitted designs and last weekend the LGA set up a consultation exhibition in the garden

Three contractors, EarthWrights (who designed and built the original structure), Wicksteed and Sutcliffe Play submitted designs. You can see these designs here.

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March 2016 the LGA set up a consultation exhibition in the garden. Below are some photos taken during the weekend.

We will be deciding who will get the contract by the end of this month and removal of the existing structure and installation of the new one should be completed by the end of May 2016 (in time for the annual Spring Event in the garden).

Click on any picture for a more detailed view.