The Big Dig

Laurel, Larch and Apple

from 'The Lamb Garden', 'Follaton Arboretum' and 'The Parsonage Garden'

taking part in 'The Big Dig' Totnes.

The Lamb and Leechwell Gardens are joining forces with neighbouring community gardens for a special week long national volunteer's event 'The Big Dig', which is funded by the Social Action Fund and co-ordinated by Sustain. It aims to get the local community out and about, gardening for fun, with the opportunity to pick up some new skills - and meet new people along the way! From 16th - 23rd March, you can enjoy 8 days of: Tree planting to seed sowing; raised beds to rockeries; vegetables and soft fruit to the charms of the mystic Pergola - and even helping reclaim an unloved area of town for the community.

All events are free and you can register as a volunteer by going to

Here is a quick look at the table of events on offer - just in time for Spring!

'Totnes does the Big Dig' ................. We hope to see you there ....