Having been awarded a £50,000 Community Spaces grant we have been busy spending it! You can read more about our bid (which spells out in detail what we said we would do with the money) here. As work on the various projects proceeded, we put photos and other details on the website (follow the links below).

The projects were managed for the LGA by Jim Carfrae who co-ordinated the work of the various contractors. The main projects were:

In addition to these projects, we are also working on a project to restore the pool (or "Immersion Bath"). As a 'dry run' for the eventual work, the team, lead by Shirley Prendergast, successfully repaired the Leechwell in May 2015 (the work was funded by Totnes Town Council and the Totnes Trust. You can read more about it here.

In March 2016, we conducted a consultation on the design of the new Play Structure. For details, click here.