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Joining the Association

You can contact the Association by email at info@leechwellgarden.org.uk

The Leechwell Garden Association welcomes new members and is open to anyone who accepts its objectives. There is currently no membership fee or annual subscription. Contact the volunteer coordinator, Lu Overy, for details.


The Leechwell Garden Association is very grateful for all the support it has received while creating the Garden for the whole Totnes community.

The garden is now open but is still under construction so there is still a lot of work to do. We still need your help to complete the Garden, so if you would like to give your time, have any special interests or relevant experience please fill in the form below and click the Send button.

If you are unable to give your time but would like to make a financial contribution, or raise funds towards the Garden, Paul Church, the Treasurer of the LGA would very much like to hear from you.

We would also like to thank those who have already made donations.

As you can imagine because Leechwell Garden is a small space, we will unfortunately not be able to accept donated items. In order to avoid potentially offending people by accepting some and rejecting others, the Committee has decided that only cash contributions towards specific items posted on this web site can be accepted as donations. A notice of any such items will be posted shortly, so please watch for further postings.

Getting involved

If you would like to help either contact the volunteer coordinator, Lu Overy, email louise.overy@me.com or fill in the form below and click the Send button

Now Tick Here In Future Tick Here
Delivering leaflets Upkeep of the garden
Computing Planning and doing activities in the garden
Herb garden planning Planting the garden
Play area planning Working with local groups in the garden
Planning for wildlife in the garden Supporting and monitoring wildlife in the garden
Planting and trees
Committee meetings