Wildlife in the Garden

These lovely photos were taken by Susan and Geoffrey Taylor, LGA volunteers, who write:

The Leechwell Garden has attracted a good variety of wildlife this summer (2011). Numerous bees (solitary and bumble-bees) were seen feeding from flowers in the herb garden and wildlife areas - a major force in pollinating plants. The leaf-cutter bee (third row on the left) collects pollen on hairs on its abdomen rather than on the back legs as in most other bees. Seven-spot and two-spot ladybirds were numerous at the end of August and grasshoppers (centre of last but one row) were seen basking on the warm, sunny wildflower border. The flat, broad bodies of shield bugs (bottom row left), shaped like heraldic shields, give them their name. The Jersey Tiger caterpillar (centre of bottom row) was found on a bramble leaf - the Jersey Tiger Moth is a spectacular day-flying moth found only in the South-West of england. And see the frog at bottom right!

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